Can Cannabis Make Us a More Compassionate Society?


We are on the Brink of a Cultural Shift:

The rat race is ending. Well, maybe not completely, but people have stopped signing up. We’re starving for more personal connection and less monotony. We’re buying less, building smaller houses, and being more earth-conscious. We are putting more time and energy into things that matter; like ourselves and our relationships.


We are on the brink of a cultural shift. People across the globe are transitioning into a new way of perceiving the world. This approach embodies well-being, compassion, empathy, and human connection.


“In his article, Sebastian Marincolo outlines the positive effects cannabis has on the human connection.”



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Science and Cannabis:

Science is on our side, showing just how powerful the human mind is. When we generate a thought, recall a memory, or experience feeling, it affects the entire body. Our thoughts and our responses are some of the most powerful forces shaping our brain (and our entire nervous system). As a result, we have discovered a great power over our health and well-being. The rise in popularity of mindfulness techniques and the sharing economy are a testament to this cultural shift. A growing number of us believe our experiences and connections to others are all that we have. So we ask ourselves, are we making the most of it?



“Openness, empathy and mindfulness can be more easily accessed through the effects of cannabis.”



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Sebastian Marincolo wrote an article entitled  Marijuana, Empathy, and Autism, Part 1 . In his article, Sebastian outlines the positive effects cannabis has on the human connection,  “A busy father described how he got high before he played with his son and for the first time understood how alone his boy feels and how much he was craving for more of his father’s attention and time.” Openness, empathy and mindfulness can be more easily accessed through the effects of cannabis.


Cannabis may have the ability to facilitate mindfulness through enhancing the mind-body connection and increasing an awareness of self. The body has receptors that are present throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells, these are called endocannabinoids. Homeostasis is the main goal of the cannabinoid systems. Homeostasis is the maintenance of stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.


Cannabinoids are directly involved in bridging signals within the brain. Cannabinoids help to regulate complex brain chemistry. Cannabis works for so many different types of patients and diseases because it affects the body and the mind in such a way as to unblock old paths, stimulate the growth of new ones and thus fortify and enhance our capacity for healing. Mindfulness practices in mind-body medicine work through the same mechanism. That’s the reason why they are so effectively used in individualized, integrative medicine and for a similarly wide range of patient populations.   

“For us as a society, compassion is the first step in sustainability.”


Cannabis makes the process of connecting with others a little easier by making it a lot easier to connect with ourselves. There’s no doubt that vulnerability and empathy can lead us to be more compassionate beings. For us as a society, compassion is the first step in sustainability. For success you need the right tools, so for now, throw some cannabis in that tool box.   




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