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WeGrow’s exclusive weekly guide to current happenings across the cannabis industry. Keep reading to find information on legislature, trends & news.

Cannabis Expo rolls into Ottawa (via Ottawa Citizen)

Cannabis & Hemp Expo’s Kevin Blackburn’s assertion that cannabis has been in the spotlight “for a few months now” is putting lightly the international scrutiny that has been swirling for the better part of a decade. Legalization efforts have become exponentially prevalent, and therefore it is safe to say that the public eye has been trained on legal marijuana for a more than while.

The expo touts cannabis cooking exhibitions, seminars on the future of the industry, grow equipment vendors and any other associated legal entities. Events like Ottawa’s Cannabis & Hemp Expo are necessary to eradicate the stigma of cannabis. Once the mainstream public realizes that legality is being upheld it will naturally gravitate towards cannabis and its many advantages.

It may take a while for government sanctioned seed banks to be able to supply Canada with the seeds new growers will need. Luckily there already are resources. Follow Ace The Grow for product help, and WeGrow for grow help & advice!


Local Shops target Cannabis Growers despite Lack of Seeds (via

The Canadian “seed dilemma” is still at the forefront of the recent federal legalization. Citizens still have no government sanctioned places to buy seeds. Therefore any plants propagated with alternatively obtained seeds are illegal. This hasn’t stopped savvy businesses owners from starting to get ready for the inevitable growing rush that will come.

Unsurprisingly, the major producers in the Canadian cannabis game do not even have seeds on the radar. Companies are focusing instead on harvested plant product (dried flower, pre-rolls and edible oils). Producers are clearly attempting to capitalize on the green rush while the iron is hot.

It is only a matter of time, however, that the Canadian public will be granted access to seed banks. Citizens will therefore be in control of their own self-care. Because genetics and growing are both delicate processes, the company Organigram asserts, “Should we decide to offer genetic materials for home growing, we will want to ensure Canadians who choose to work with our genetics are educated, prepared and set up for success.” – With resources such as WeGrow and Ace The Grow, being prepared is not a daunting task but an exciting endeavor.


Assembly speaker promises action soon on weed, minimum wage (via

It appears New Jersey is soon to join the recent recreational marijuana legalization trend. Medical marijuana has been in effect for some time now in the state. Now a bill allowing adult use is set for a vote. 

Women, minority, and veteran-owned small businesses will be getting preferential treatment. This comes after a public backlash over the hypocrisy of legalizing something that has been detrimental to the disenfranchised.

Small-time marijuana offenses are set to be expunged according to the new bill. This would also go a long way to even the playing field. The bill will remove judicial set-backs that often prevent those with blemishes on their records from benefiting economically from cannabis legalization.

Michigan voters approve proposal to legalize recreational marijuana  (via Click on Detroit

Michigan recently made another landmark decision. It became the first state in the midwest to legalize recreational pot for adult use. The overwhelming margin by which Michigan residents approved the measure is another indication of the coming trends in legislature throughout the nation.

Sweeping Democratic victories in the midterm election have ensured a progressive nature to the upcoming political climate. Therefore, the issue of cannabis legalization will continue to be at the forefront for years to come.

This will be a big boost for places like Detroit. And, maybe the citizens of Flint can finally be provided with clean water. These are the dreams of those that view cannabis not only as a great medicine, but also as an economic savior.

Of course, such as in Colorado the change will not be an instant one. While the language of the new law has been offered, it will still take a long time to develop individual policies on a state level. Luckily, Michigan lawmakers have many templates to look at when deciding on the appropriate policies.

Can you legally grow your own pot? Yes – but no. At least for now. Here’s why  (via Global News)

Should individuals be allowed to cultivate? Of course, we believe the answer is unequivocally and decidedly ‘Yes’, however not all (mostly lawmakers) are convinced. Yet. Lawmakers are scrutinizing all the specific ins and outs of cultivation, and understandably this is becoming a long and arduous process.

As with anything that is concerned with any government entity, all good things come with a Catch-22 which in this case comes in the form of not being able to purchase legal seeds (because there are no places sanctioned to sell them).

They are working on it though. It seems that the public will be able to purchase seeds within 3 months, just in time for the spring planting season. The countryside and everywhere else will certainly be smelling and tasting the sweet fruits of their efforts. However, existing medicinal users are beginning to be pushed out due to the large numbers of recreational users flooding the market. Expedient measures taken to get seeds to the public will work well to cover that demand.

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Certainly, the “Green Wave” is continuing its way through the nation. Because of this, more and more states are beginning to consider legalizing marijuana. Consequently, cannabis and cannabis-related products now seem to be moving to the center of the pain-management discussion.

Finally, the negative stigma that has been associated with the drug is beginning to fade. And therefore, discerning cannabis enthusiasts in each state should surely be aware of the legal aspects of handling the substance.

Another piece of good news comes from assessing and implementing the legislature of already established cannabis-legal states; due to these trailblazers, researchers and growers alike can now take an unbiased look at what worked for those states and use that as a template throughout the country.

Keep reading for an exclusive WeGrow breakdown of some major players in the medicinal/recreational cannabis spectrum. If you live in any one of these states, or just plan to visit for some cannabis tourism, be sure to pay close attention to the following do’s and don’ts:


First, we come to the “Golden State”, thusly named due to its role in the gold rush of the late 19th century. It is also one of the first states to recently experience the ‘green rush’. California’s cannabis boom stems from the measurable success of its medicinal marijuana legalization which happened in 1996 and covers patients with various illnesses. Exactly 10 years later, Proposition 64 (which allowed recreational use) passed by a considerable margin.

Certainly, California’s climate is almost a completely natural fit for the cannabis plant. Because there is so much ample sunshine and warmth, the conditions in this state are ideal. Consequently, those growers lucky enough to have outdoor farms will tell you just how big, bountiful and therefore worthwhile their annual grows end up. Due to all this, a visit to the local dispensary throughout the state will reveal an environment bursting with California flavor, with such staples as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, & Jack Herer dominating most of the prime counter space.

The Breakdown:

Personal Use: Adults over 21 able to possess up to 1 oz.

Sale/Delivery: Gifts of 28.5 grams or less allowed

Cultivation: Adults over 21 able to cultivate up to 6 plants

Popular Strains

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Secondly in our State-By-State Cannabis Law guide, we have Oregon. Unofficially nicknamed “The Beaver State”, similarly to California, Oregon is one of several western American states to legally embrace cannabis in the last quarter century. “The Oregon Trail” has been revived in a cannabis-centered way: it is a trail being blazed by entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike in a new frontier of wellness.

Certainly, perhaps one of the most important facts about Oregon and cannabis is that in 1973 the state became the first in the nation to decriminalize personal use. Medicinal legalization measures were enacted in 1998, and full recreational legalization occurred in 2015.

The Breakdown:

Personal Use: Adults over 21 able to possess 1 oz. or less in public, 8 oz. or less at home

Delivery: 1 oz. or less homegrown without compensation is legal

Cultivation: 4 plants per household

Popular Strains

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Washington State

Next, we continue north to Oregon’s neighbor, “The Evergreen State” as it is unofficially known. The moniker not only reflects its sprawling forests of green, but also Washington State’s attitude towards cannabis. It decriminalized medicinal use in 1997, and followed with legalization of personal use in 2012.

The fundamental difference between Washington State and other legal states is that you are unable to legally grow your own cannabis. Perhaps in the coming years by observing the actions and data of other nearby states, Washington will begin to allow its citizens to cultivate.

The Breakdown:

Personal Use: Adults over 21 able to possess up to 1 oz

Sale/Distribution: Illegal

Cultivation: Illegal

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Lastly, we come to our weed-friendly-western-states’ neighbor to the east: “The Centennial State”. Colorado’s monumental groundbreaking 100 years after the inception of the United States, and because of this it has engendered the pioneer spirit within its citizens. Hence, this is decidedly reflected in the state’s favorable cannabis policy.

With some gold rush involvement also in its history, Colorado has since taken its part in the green rush as well, and for good reason!

Colorado voted to legalize medicinal marijuana use for patients in 2000, and full recreational legalization for adults came in 2012. The natural springs cascading down from the Rocky Mountains provide the freshest water source for fortunate outdoor growers. However, with adverse winter conditions there is therefore also a burgeoning indoor cultivation scene.

The Breakdown:

Personal Use: Adults over 21 able to possess up to 1 oz.

Sale/Distribution: up to 4 oz. is a Misdemeanor

Cultivation: 6 plants per adult, 12 plants max per household

Popular Strains

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WeGrow’s exclusive weekly guide to current happenings across the cannabis industry. Keep reading to find information on legislature, trends & news.

2018 Election Season: Cannabis Legalization Update (via Greenhouse Grower)

WeGrow Analysis:

The 2018 election season seems to be shaping up nicely for cannabis advocates in several states, include some which are admittedly surprising (but not shocking). Given the current political landscape, and also the fact that many states have begun to hit the 10 year mark of medical marijuana, it is becoming quite apparent that the proverbial tide is turning.

The mere fact that “roughly 63 million Americans now live in jurisdictions in which any individuals aged 21 and over can possess marijuana legally” – is monumental. Due to this continued sprawl into ‘legal’ status, the overwhelmingly good news is that cannabis culture, innovation, & education will continue to grow exponentially. At VividGro, we are committed to providing the latest information for the coming demand of homegrows, and we are also committed to providing products that will help the mainstream grower to achieve full potential to provide self-care.

Because more and more states are beginning to legalize, the federal government has no choice but to pay attention. Several bills introduced to Congress would not only legalize the use of cannabis, but would provide incentives for states to remove marijuana incarcerations from the records of many, and also to free those currently imprisoned – which would be a great, great thing.

“While we may still be a few years away from any sort of Federal legalization discussions as it relates to legislation things like cannabis banking may get some serious traction after the mid-term elections, which would be a material positive step forward!” – David Friedman, President (VividGro)

Link to Original Article:

Cannabis IQ: Legalization Leaves medical users stranded (via Global News)

WeGrow Analysis:

It seems that Canada’s celebration over their federal legalization of cannabis on October 18th, 2018 was short-lived, at least for some. In a development that shouldn’t surprise anyone, the flood of demand after federal legalization has began to drown out the needs of those that were medical patients prior to it.

Hasty proceedings without proper planning seem to be what has transpired. Certainly, the lawmakers should have considered more structured regulations that would have prevented those with non-medical uses to get the drug ahead of medical patients. Although unfortunate, this is a lesson for American lawmakers if and when it they intend to legalize on a federal level.

Personal grow knowledge and less restrictions on the seeds, etc. are solutions to this crisis. Once the public is able to cultivate freely, with help from companies such as VividGro the mainstream users will be able to generate ample medicine for themselves. Such shortages, therefore, would happen less frequently as reliance on suppliers will wane.

“The notion of Medical cannabis may start to blur as recreational use comes online. There is no other drug on the planet that is legal for both recreational and medical use. As this happens the ability for patients to self-medicate and produce their own plants will continue to increase.” – David Friedman, President (VividGro)

Link to Original Article:

Cannabis is Booming on P.E.I. (via CBC News)

WeGrow Analysis:

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” is the current slogan for the entrepreneurial inhabitants of Prince Edward Island. Ever since its federal legalization on October 18th, the demand and commerce of cannabis has sky rocketed into the stratosphere, opening the eyes and opening the wallets of citizens everywhere. Naturally, a lot of people are going to want to get in on the action.

Cannabis tourism is becoming a familiar term on P.E.I., and people are even offering paid lessons on cultivation, $20 a pop. Luckily however, with resources such as Ace the Grow and WeGrow, mainstream cannabis consumers no longer have to rely on outside sources for their information. With instant access to growing guides, users do not have to leave their homes in order to further educate themselves and ultimately provide themselves with a great medicine.

The “it’s no different than alcohol” tag may work in a regulatory sense, but the truth is that the medicinal benefits of cannabis far outweigh the medicinal benefits of alcohol, and therefore spending more time on cannabis regulation rather than education seems to be very counterproductive.    

“The lack of infrastructure in the industry still lends itself to a bit of a free-for-all and reliable education needs to be a priority for the industry if we are going to be responsible about our growth.” – David Friedman, President (VividGro)

Link to Original Article:

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