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A Cause Worth Cultivating

A plant is changing the world, and we’re teaching people how to grow it.  

The cannabis plant represents an opportunity for economical, natural, and accessible wellness practices across the world. Cannabis can be used as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. It is ecologically friendly, contains untold health benefits, and can be made available to anyone.  

Team WeGrow is committed to educate and empower a worldwide movement to #cultivatewellness  

Together WeGrow.

Conversations and Community

Say hello to Elle, our conversational agent or GrowBot™. Elle is the doorway to our community’s combined grow knowledge. She educates and empowers users, reducing the amount of time spent searching for answers.


Elle focuses on three specific areas to help people learn to grow cannabis in their homes.

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Growing Information

Receive timely growing education to manage your plant’s growth from seed to harvest.

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Recommended Grow Systems

Elle makes personalized recommendations on grow systems, equipment, and nutrients to increase your crop’s quality and yield.

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Assistance & Support

It’s simple. Ask Elle, your personal grow master, what you want to know and she will find the right answer.

Letter From the Founder

I began WeGrow with the desire to help people cultivate a plant that could help improve their quality of life. WeGrow has grown into a passionate team of individuals with a common vision: A plant is changing the world and we’re going to teach people how to grow it.


WeGrow believes strongly in building technologies that engage, educate, and empower people. We are building conversations to help people connect and learn any number of topics.


Cannabis is only the beginning.


Mason Levy, Founder